Real Name: Jim Espiritu

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Government operative

Affiliations: Alpha Korps

Enemies: Empress Loabana of the Ku'urza Empire

Known Relatives: Unspecified family including unidentified parents (see comments)

Aliases: Slim

Base of Operations: San Francisco, CA., USA.

First Appearance: Premiere #2 (Diversity Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Jim can transform into Gibralton at will. He can deviate his proportion to fit the situation he finds himself in, and to make himself as big as he he can to be able to have the advantage in any battle. Gibralton’s strength is unmatched!

History: Gibralton belongs to Alpha Korps' Bravo Team.

Comments: Created by Tony Lopez, who also provided most of the information on this page.

During his off-duty time, Gibralton thinks about getting home to "Bebe and the kids" - while this is most likely a spouse and his own children, it could also be an unmarried partner and her children from a previous marriage, so I have not listed them as being relatives. He does have some family though, as Colonel Watson muses about this at one point when considering his team's strengths and weaknesses.


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