Real Name: Jenny Johnson

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Art studio manager

Affiliations: Barry Edward Lambert (Dr. Bedlam, boyfriend), Matt Saunders, Hannah Lewis (partner)

Enemies: formerly Dr. Bedlam, Matt Saunders, Hannah Lewis

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, endurance and durability. Able to fly and survive outside Earth's atmosphere.

History: As a teenager Jenny Johnson was an outsider, considered too geeky to be cool by most of her contemporaries. She became close friends with fellow outsider Barry Lambert, a science whiz; the friendship grew until romance seemed inevitable, but while out together one night, the very night Jenny expected them to take one another's viginities, they witnessed a meteorite crash to Earth. Jenny raced to check out the crash site, but when she got close enough to touch the meteorite, it released a strange gaseous substance that permeated her body, instantly transforming her. Jenny hid the most obvious outwards manifestation of her new self, a change in hair colour from mousy brown to blonde, under a wig, but found her new confidence made her popular with the rest of the school. She neglected, then discarded Barry, who remained smitten from afar, and then increasingly bitter. Jenny became the superheroine G-Girl, admired and respected the world over, causing the resentful Barry to respond by becoming the criminal mastermind Dr. Bedlam as a way of forcefully keeping himself in her life. However Jenny found relationships with men difficult; underneath the surface, she remained insecure, and this was worsened by her being unable to confide in a potential paramour her greatest secret, her dual identity, and her constantly being forced to abandon boyfriends during dates to effect rescues. She effected an aloof demeanour, knocking back any romantic interest shown in her.

All that changed when she met Matt Saunders. Initially rejecting his interest when he tried to ask her out on the subway, he chased a purse snatcher who grabbed her bag. Though G-Girl was ultimately the one who dealt with the thief, Matt's attempt to assist her impressed Jenny enough to give him a chance. He accidentally learned her secret when he witnessed Jenny survive being hit by a car unscathed, but proved himself further by keeping this secret. Overjoyed at finally having someone she felt she could trust, Jenny became fixated on Matt; meanwhile Dr. Bedlam covertly watched in annoyance as their relationship progressed, secretly contacting Matt to try and convince him to betray her. Jenny's neediness became jealousy when she witnessed Matt with friend and co-worker Hannah Lewis, eventually convincing Matt to end the relationship. Outraged at being dumped, Jenny began persecuting Matt, dumping his car in outer space, and later using superspeed to strip him naked in front of important clients, costing him his job. Jenny's anger became homicidal rage when Matt finally did become involved with Hannah, and after narrowly surviving Jenny throwing a Great White Shark at him, Matt approached Bedlam. He lured Jenny into a trap, exposing her to another meteor which drained her powers, but was shocked to learn Bedlam meant to then take those powers for himself. However Hannah also walked into the trap, and in the confusion both woman were exposed to the meteor's energies. Now evenly matched, Hannah and Jenny had a superpowered cat-fight through New York's streets until Matt calmed Jenny down, pointing out that she had long overlooked the thing she wanted, a man who truly loved her - Dr. Bedlam. Realising he was right, Jenny renewed her long lost romance with Barry, leaving Matt and Hannah to continue their relationship unmolested. G-Girl also found she had a new partner in Hannah, releaving the stress of being solely responsible for saving the world all the time.

Comments: Played by Uma Thurman.


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