Real Name: Lon Flag

Identity/Class: Normal human (?)

Occupation: Vigilante; former FBI agent

Affiliations: Mirna (former boss)

Enemies: Criminals

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Perhaps Goldrake (see Comments)

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: Genius is a vigilante hero who dresses all in black, wearing a mask with holes for eyes and a rope hanging round his neck like a noose. He would go after criminals armed only with a collection of knives, a gun and the rope around his neck, which he would use to hang the villains.

Comments: Thanks to Manuel D. Montesinos who wrote to me to tell me of this character, which was originally listed under the name Goldrake on this site. Manuel noted that "Like Killing (Satanik), Goldrake was also a photo-novel in black and white, for adults only, and came from the same distributor in Argentina. What I don't know is if the character Goldrake was Argentinian or Italian or French." He also kindly sent me the first image I had of the character, now replaced with a colour versions kindly provided by Beppe Tirelli; Beppe also clarified the country of origin confusion, and, it seems, a bit of a naming quandry, informing me "There was a comic series created in Italy in 1966 named Goldrake that run for several years but its protagonist, by the same name, was a James Bond-style secret agent. From the description and the photo on the page the character mentioned is definitely another one, also from Italy from around the same time, named "Genius". It is possible however that Genius was given a different name outside Italy, just like the way it happened for Killing that was renamed Satanik in France (when a character named Satanik already existed in Italy since a couple of years earlier) thus creating confusion all over again. It's just a guess but it's quite plausible I think." Thanks to Dr. Pedro Bedoya for additional information.

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