Real Name: Gdeon

Identity/Class: Vampire


Affiliations: formerly Grimjack

Enemies: Grimjack

Known Relatives: Maethe Mathony (father, deceased), Rhian (sister, deceased)

Aliases: Grinner

Base of Operations: Cynosure, formerly Pdwyr

First Appearance: Starslayer #12; Grimjack, Demon Knight Graphic Novel

Powers/Abilities: Gdeon was a vampire, with the associated the strengths and weaknesses.

History: Gdeon of Pdwyr was the son of Maethe Mathony and brother to Rhian. When the Demons invaded the land he watched his father and sister die before falling to a vampire. He arose shortly after, a victim of the same curse. He was trapped in Pdwyr when the dimension went out of phase with the city, but twenty years later Pdwyr and Cynosure came back into sync with one another. Gdeon came into the city and infected both Miranda Mastenbrook, daughter of a businessman, and Cracker, the man hired by her father to find her. The latter death put Grimjack on his tail, and the two caught up with each other back in Pdwyr. After dealing with the intervention of both Cracker and a Cadre Harlequin Squad, Gaunt finally put his old friend Gdeon out of his misery.

When Gaunt himself died some years later he met Gdeon again in Heaven, and the youth thanked him for releasing him from the curse.



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