el Gato Negro (the Black Cat)

Real Name: Agustin "Gus" Guerrero

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Retired luchador, former soldier

Affiliations: Relampago

Enemies: Boss Ochoa

Known Relatives: Francisco Guerrero Sr. (son, deceased) Francisco "Pancho" Guerrero Jr. (el Gato Negro, grandson), unidentified mother, el Hombre del Gato (father)

Aliases: The Black Cat, The Wrestling Wonder, The Masked Avenger of South Texas, The Vindicator of the Valley (also known as "Silver Age El Gato Negro" outside of continuity)

Base of Operations: Rio Grande Valley, Texas (lives in Edinburg, TX)

First Appearance: el Gato Negro #1 (Azteca Productions, October 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Extremely fit, at the peak of human capability. Expert in boxing, aikido, ninjutsu, taijutsu and a master of submission holds from Lucha Libre (freestyle wrestling).

History: Agustin Guerrero was raised entirely by his mother, his father having abandoned him at a young age. He grew up knowing very little of his father, other than his title of "El Hombre del Gato" ("the man from El Gato," El Gato being the name of a failed settlement just bordering Texas and Mexico). During the Korean War, Agustin enlisted in the Texas Battalion. While on a raid, he was separated from his group, and became lost in the jungles. While there he encountered Kuro Neko (the "Black Cat" in Japanese), a former guard to the Japanese emperor, now exiled to the jungles of Korea. Kuro Neko trained the lost soldier in how to survive in the harsh wilderness, as well as sharing his mastery of the martial arts. Soon after being rescued and discharged from the military, Agustin pursued a career in Lucha Libre, as during this time, the likes of El Santo were becoming very popular. Noticing a recurring motif in his life regarding cats, he chose the moniker of El Gato Negro, the black cat, promising to bring 'bad luck' to his opponents in the ring. His popularity and mystique as a luchador allowed him many adventures outside of the ring, and he began to use his talents to thwart the criminal element of South Texas. Years later, his grandson would take up the mantle of el Gato Negro, becoming the new protector of the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Comments: Created, written and illustrated by Richard Dominguez. Copyright to him and Azteca Productions. www.myspace.com/aztecaproductions

Thanks to Richard Dominguez and Lee Villatoro for images and information.

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