Real Name: Gargan

Identity/Class: Terrestrial primate, species uncertain (Yeti)

Occupation: None

Affiliations: Rhurki, Reega the Wise

Enemies: Cash Maddock, Groker

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: initially Himalayas; later mobile across U.S.A.

First Appearance: Lion and Eagle (I.P.C., 3rd May 1969)

Powers/Abilities: Extremely strong, and possessing a metabolism able to shrug off normal animal tranquilisers.

History: Gargan was the sole surviving specimen of a breed of yeti-like creatures that roamed the high Himalayas in the distant past. Despite his awesome appearance, he was as trusting as a faithful dog and as gentle as a lamb. He was befriended by a hermit, Reega, who lived alone in a humble dwelling on a tiny mountaintop plateau. One of his few possessions, passed to him long ago, was an ancient artifact, the Mirror of Life, which was said to grant each owner wisdom and a long life to use that wisdom to help others. However, it was also said that should the glass ever be broken, Reega would perish with it. Nearby villagers, who frequently sought the hermit's counsel, dubbed him Reega "the Wise," and feared that should he die, disaster would fall upon all of them.

One day, Gargan found a young Sherpa infant, orphaned only an hour prior by a blizzard. Naming the boy Rhurki, Reega took the child in and raised him as his own son. Rhurki grew up with Gargan as his playmate and best friend, and the creature would do anything for him. Sadly, their idyllic (if cold) life was eventually disrupted. When Rhurki was in his teens, an American fairground owner called "Cash" Maddock and his assistant Groker came to the mountain on a hunting trip. Always on the lookout for new attractions, Cash spotted Gargan and swiftly shot him with a transquiliser. However, this failed to bring Gargan down, and he and Rhurki fled to Reega's home with Cash and Groker in pursuit. As they too entered the dwelling, Cash tried to shoot Gargan again, but the creature slapped the rifle from his hand at Rhurki's command. It smashed apart against the wall, just under the Mirror, prompting a horrified Rhurki to warn Gargan to be careful, reminding him that Reega might die if it were damaged. Hearing this, Cash snatched the Mirror and threatened to break it if Gargan did not come with him, and Rhurki too, to control his friend. To spare his father's life, and with Cash's (false) assurance that he would return the mirror and release them once Gargan had made him a million dollars, Rhurki agreed. Cash, naturally, intended to break the deal, tame Gargan by force, and then kill Rhurki. Thus began a series of adventures which saw Gargan and his friend visit the United States. As well as taking on Cash and seeking to reclaim the mirror, they also had to contend with a strange hermit who hypnotised Gargan to commit robberies.

Comments: Created by Solano Lopez.


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