Real Name: Gabara

Identity/Class: (Imaginary) Kaiju

Occupation: Bully

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Minira, Gojira

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Monsterland, Ogasawa Islands

First Appearance: “All Kaiju Daishingeki” (first aired on December 20, 1969); “All Monsters Attack” (English translation)

Powers/Abilities: Standing at approximately 200 feet tall, Gabara is a humanoid type kaiju. His exact level of strength and durability are unknown but apparently far inferior to that of the majority of the other kaiju.

Gabara did possesses a set of claws and prominent teeth but disdained the use of these instead for its primary ability to channel massive quantities of electricity. It could generate a shocking current throughout its entire body to dissuade anyone from grappling with it at close proximity or project bolts of lightning from its hands or from its power horn to electrocute it’s opponents.

History: Perhaps only the creation of a lonely Japanese boy, Gabara bears the namesake of a neighborhood bully of the boy’s unfortunate acquaintance. Like his namesake, the cruel Gabara spends much of it’s time on Monsterland tormenting and bullying Minira, the adopted son of Gojira. Minira is too afraid at first to stand up to the bullying monster but ultimately decides to fight back and under the tutelage of his adopted parent, learns how to defend himself. Humiliated at Minira’s defiance, Gabara makes the mistake of attacking Gojira himself who lashes out and forces the cowardly bully to flee into the depths of the jungles of Monsterland, never to be seen again.

Comments:  One of the oddest additions to Gojira’s stable of monsters, Gabara has only had one appearance to it’s credit and has never been seen again, outside of Ichiro’s overactive imagination. Due to the fantastical nature of the movie itself, it would appear that Gabara might not even exist in the real world. Gabara was portrayed by Yasuhiko Kakuyuki.  

The basic plot of the movie saw Ichiro Miki, a lonely Japanese boy who used his imagination to play with his favorite monster, Minira in Monsterland. Minira could shrink down to human size and accompany Ichiro. However mirroring the real world, Ichiro found himself constantly bullied by another boy, Gabara. In his fantasy, Minira also found himself confronted by a monstrous kaiju bully who not so coincidentally was named Gabara. Both Minira and Ichiro tried running away with Ichiro taking refuge in an abandoned building.

However Ichiro discovered that a pair of bank robbers was also using the building as a hideout and was captured. Minira ultimately stood up for himself with the help of Gojira and Ichiro followed the example set by his imaginary friend, using much of the same tactics to escape and then defeat the bank robbers before alerting the police to come and arrest them. Afterwards, Ichiro took his vengeance on Gabara and makes him aware that he won’t take any bullying anymore.

Profile provided by Michael Higuchi.


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