The Flaming Carrot

Real Name: Never revealed

Identity/Class: Insane human

Occupation: Hero

Affiliations: Mysterymen, Inspector Keene

Enemies: Artless Dodger, the Poser, Aunt Klau, the Man in the Moon, clones of Hitler's feet, Dead Dog

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Visions #1 (1979)

Other Appearances: Flaming Carrot

Powers/Abilities: Flaming Carrot's weapons of choice in the fight against crime are a pistol and a broken glass bottle. He has no powers other than insanity driven persistence.

History: "Once a mild-mannered existential poet employed by the phone company, he read over 5,000 comic books in a single sitting to win a bet. He won, but his mind could not take the strain, and he became simple. Now as the superhero Flaming Carrot he battles evil in the modern world!"

Flaming Carrot lives in the less-than-fashionable Palookaville section of Iron City, a midwestern steel town that has seen better days. He fights gangsters, aliens, and strange supernatural beings, either alone or alongside the Mystery Men, a team of very eccentric superheroes and vigilante crime fighters. He is a close friend of Inspector Keene of the Iron City Police, and often overhears crime reports on the Inspector's Radio Watch. When not involved in fighting crime, he is often seen carousing with beautiful young women.

He has fought many strange villains and invaders in his long career. Some of these include the Artless Dodger, the Poser, Aunt Klau, the Man in the Moon, clones of Hitler's feet, and Dead Dog (immune to bullets, because it was already dead, but not immune to being whacked apart with a two-by-four). He also thwarted no less than three alien invasions of the Earth and met Death himself. Among the Carrot's more memorable exploits was the time he and the Mystery Men teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to stop a gang of evil umpires who had recovered the living head of Frankenstein's monster.

Flaming Carrot is never seen without his distinctive carrot mask, the top of which is perpetually on fire. He wears it when he eats, when he sleeps and even on the rare occasions he has sex. He appears to be a well-built adult white male. In addition to his trademark mask and flippers, Carrot usually wears a white dress shirt and red slacks. If asked why he wears flippers instead of shoes, he replies "in case I have to swim." Basically he is a total fruit-loop.

Comments: Created by and copyright to Bob Burden.

Among the members of the Mysterymen, the Carrot's superhero friends, are the Shoveler, Mr. Furious, Screwball, Bondo-Man, and Jumpin' Jehoshaphat.

Flaming Carrot gained his own comic in 1981. His most recent publisher is Dark Horse Comics.

Flaming Carrot also appeared in the War of the Independents.


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