Real Name: Unrevealed - may be Fate

Identity/Class: Supernatural entity

Occupation: Horror host

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile worldwide.

First Appearance: The Hand of Fate #8 (Ace Periodicals, December 1951)

Powers/Abilities: Fate knows the future of every individual on Earth, and their details are recorded in his book. The book itself is indestructible - individual pages may be ripped out, but they cannot be destroyed by any means. Only Fate can alter the entries in his book and change the outcome of events. Fate can also take on human guise when he desires.

History: Fate is a witness to events around the world, frequently watching or recounting instances where an individual's actions bring about their own downfall or demise, often in macabre ways. Certain fates may be averted if individuals take specific, such as attempting to atone for past transgressions, but once they have fulfilled these requirements, Fate must make the changes to the book to alter the account, or else the original fate will still happen. When gambler Paul Hulick spotted a disguised Fate following him and confronted him, Fate dropped his book and Paul saw his own entry, which predicted he would drown the next day. Hoping to avert this, Paul ripped the page out and fled, then, once he had gotten away, he tried to destroy the page, hoping that would change things. Finding he could not damage the paper, Paul noticed a clause that said his fate could be changed if he atoned for his past misdeeds to someone who loved him, so Paul made a false apology to his girlfriend, Sheila. Even though Fate could tell Paul didn't mean what he said, the requirements had been fulfilled, so Fate showed himself to Paul and tried to retrieve the page to change the entry, but a terrified Paul fled, convinced Fate was trying to trick him. Paul made sure he stayed on solid ground so that he couldn't drown, but as he looked behind himself to see if Fate was still following, he failed to notice an open manhole cover. Paul tripped, knocked himself unconscious against the pavement, and fell into the sewer to drown in the fetid water.

Comments: In his first appearance in The Hand of Fate #8, Fate appears only as a spectral image introducing the first story. However, in The Hand of Fate #9, he takes a more involved role when he followed gambler Paul Hulick and interacted with him. He thereafter continued to occasionally take a much more direct roles in subsequent stories, invisibly following his victims and then manifesting to them at the moment of their demise, usually to ensure their death.


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