Real Name: Sera O'Sullivan

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Senior Field Operative of The Watch

Affiliations: The Watch

Enemies: The Damned, Lucifer, Spider-Bastard, John Grond, Johanson, Abbadon, Typhon, Hendrick, Dr.Walsley

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Kingdom City, but goes wherever The Watch sends her

First Appearance: The Watch Volume 1, #1 (Phosphorescent Comics, March 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Sera can generate superheated streams of plasma, and is able to project them from her hands with a high level of precision. Her powers seem to be developing to allow her to manipulate various forms of radiation too.

History: Fallout was recruited into the Watch by Jack back in the group's early days. She was present for their battles with the Damned, with Typhon and with Abbadon, where she learned of Jack's treachery. Like Bones, she had her memory of this last wiped by Jack, and is still working with him now that the Watch has been turned into a multinational company.

Comments: Created by Christian Read and Scott Fraser

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