Ezra Creech

Real Name: Ezra Creech

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Criminal mastermind

Affiliations: one of the Masters of Menace (along with the Snake)

Enemies: Nick Dexter, Don Redding

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: Lion

Powers/Abilities: Creech could turn people into white-eyed zombies under his control. He had superhuman strength as a White Eye. He later developed a ray that allowed him to make things grow, giving him the ability to create monsters.

History: J.M.B. Chemicals developed a new gas as a mild insecticide. However it proved to have unforeseen side-effects. Men and animals exposed to it were transformed into killers of extraordinary strength and ferocity, recognisable by their white eyes. The first evidence of this came when a few glasses containers of the gas accidentally dropped from the back of a van transporting them through the peaceful English town of Wimbering. Those exposed demonstrated an innate hatred of anyone untainted, and set out to conquer the area and kill "the weaklings". Even the army proved helpless, with White Eyes ripping apart tanks with their bare hands and throwing them around like toys. Even the White Eyes animals joined in, with contaminated birds attacking troops on the ground. It was only through the bravery and ingenuity of local boys Nick Dexter and Don Redding, and the scientist Timms who had developed the gas in the first place (and also concocted an antidote) that order was restored.

But the drama was not over. The army and police formed a convoy to escort the container truck transporting the remaining gas, which was to be sunk in the Atlantic, ten miles deep.Watching as the container was loaded onto a barge and escorted out to sea by Naval destroyers was Ezra Creech, the former arch-criminal of the 1950's, now stuck in a wheel-chair for the last ten years after he had been caught in an explosion during a bank raid. Creech's frogmen sank the barge and swiftly syphoned off a quantity of the gas. Exposing himself to it, Creech regained the use of his legs and went on a rampage using his new-found strength. Somehow his evil nature made him the natural leader of any White Eyes who were created, and those exposed became slaves to his will.

After some initial setbacks, Creech went on to team up with another master-villain, Professor Krait, better known as the Snake, and the two plotted to control the world.

Comments: Interestingly, Ezra Creech shares an unusual surname with the Waxer, Septimus Creech, another villain from Lion Comic. Perhaps they were related?

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