Evil Dwarf

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Dwarf

Occupation: Good Samaritan

Affiliations: Felix (bat ally), Lisa Black

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Old City, c.2025

First Appearance: The Advnetures of the Evil Dwarf #1 (Imagex, 1996)

Powers/Abilities: Able to telepathically speak to Felix. Good climber.

History: In the near future, the dividing line between the haves and have-nots has become a gulf, a void created by the internet defined by those who have money and live in New City, and those who have none and live in Old City. One inhabitant of Old City, dubbed "the Evil Dwarf" by New City press, tries his best to help those in need. Not a human, perhaps the last true dwarf, he  has come to believe he may the last of the Ancient Ones.

Comments: Created by Chris Zimmer.

New City and Old City are depicted as future versions of the twin cities Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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