Real Name: Donna Eden

Identity/Class: Normal human, highly trained

Occupation: Former archaeologist, now agent of the Twelve Stars Organisation.

Affiliations: Captain Euro (partner), agent of Twelve Stars

Enemies: Dr D.Vider

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Europe, occasionally rest of world.

First Appearance: Unknown - possibly on Captain Euro's own website - address below.

Powers/Abilities: Physically Europa is at peak fitness. She is an expert fencer, scuba diver and oceanographer. She has explored the darkest depths of the oceans and has developed the ability to control her breathing and oxygen intake (bradycardia - the capacity dolphins and sea lions use), enabling her to stay below water for many minutes.

History: Donna Eden was a respected archaeologist and expert in ancient written languages, before becoming Europa.

Three bizarre archaeological finds around Europe, all occurring at the same time, brought Donna together with Adam Andros. Donna had uncovered a tablet in Greece, which bore a message upon it purportedly from the Greek gods; Adam meanwhile had come upon a Welsh battleaxe during a cave in, which in spite of the different languages, otherwise carried the same message; and Adam's father, up near Norway on an archeological dig, came across a metal Viking longboat, also inscribed with an identical message! The coincidence was too much for the inquisitive minds of Adam and Donna, and it served to bring them together to try and solve it. But it also piqued the attention of Dr David Viderius (aka Dr D.Vider), a ruthless businessman, who wished to find out for himself the secret behind this mystery. During the adventure that followed, Donna adopted the identity of Europa.

As Europa, she combines her expertise in the Gaeia theory and her love of the natural world to become a committed environmentalist.

Now the two heroes work for the Twelve Stars Organisation, which has been set up to defend the security of Europe and uphold the values of the union.

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