Enok, Son of Doomlord

Real Name: Enok

Identity/Class: Human / extra-terrestrial (Noxian) hybrid

Occupation: Protector of mankind

Affiliations: Doomlord (Vek)

Enemies: Doomlord (Vek)

Known Relatives: Vek (father)

Aliases: Son of Doomlord

Base of Operations: England

First Appearance: Eagle (IPC, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Enok possessed all the same powers his father had - shapeshifting into different human and animal forms, being able to suck knowledge out of someone's brain with a touch, which killed the victim, superhuman strength, speed and intelligence. It's likely that he could also pass on his life force to a new host by means of a scratch, so that the new host would eventually transform into Enok, thus bringing him back from the dead.

Enok was gifted by his father with a weapon in the shape of a ring which allowed him to fly, teleport, hypnotise people, project beams of energy or even disintegrate things. This ring had been taken by Vek from one of his Noxian opponents when they had come to kill him some time back.

History: Enok was the son of  Doomlord Vek. Vek had decided that he wished to have a child, and so created Enok in a lab using his own DNA mixed with human DNA. Enok grew at an accelerated rate until he was the equivalent of a teenager. His father attempted to teach him the ways of the Nox (Vek's own race), but the child proved to be full of rage, looking down on humanity as weak. He fought his father, and Vek was forced to place Enok back into a hibernating state.

The next time we saw Enok was on an alternate Earth. Vek accidentally travelled between dimensions and ended up on a world where Enok had won that previous battle, imprisoning his father and conquering the Earth. Vek and his counterpart overthrew this dictator version of their son, and executed him.

Much later, back on his own Earth, Vek turned his back on humanity and set out to destroy it once more. Around the same point Enok awoke from his hibernation. Matured now, he opposed his father once more, but this time with their goals reversed. Luckily for humanity, Enok won this new fight and took on his father's mantle as protector of mankind.

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