Real Name: Leon Field

Identity/Class: Apparently human mutant

Occupation: Explorer (apparently euphemism for mercenary)

Affiliations: Margot (regular dismantler), Hard (rival, sometime ally), Shadow (rival, often hostile, but prepared to co-operate when necessary)

Enemies: None.

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: Bolt Crank, The World's Greatest Mercenary

Base of Operations: Mobile.

First Appearance: Dengeki Comics GAO!

Powers/Abilities: Eat-Man can eat absolutely anything, recreate it inside him and sprout it out of his hand in order to use it. He has eaten a number of different weapons from pistols to huge autocannons with their ammunition. If the item - like an autocannon - is too big, he hires a dismantler and eats it piece by piece. Apparently he cannot create new items from random parts. Other items he has pulled out his hand include a net, a speedboat, magical swords and a monster-binding globe. Bolt generally snacks on nuts and bolts, and he is able to catch bullets fired at him in his teeth.

History: Eat-Man lives in a world that has trappings of modern, postholocaust and fantasy worlds. It has a number of people with strange abilities, some obvious sorcerers and superheroes and number of different monsters. It also apparently has a number of semi-feudal states. Weaponry includes anything from heavy projectile weapons to (more uncommon) magic swords.

Eat-Man is an Explorer - which actually means he is a mercenary, albeit with ethics. He often presents an uncaring or greedy front but in truth he has made favours to others with a token reward. He is not above taking his orders too literally for his own benefit - or to the benefit of someone he has decided to help.

Eat-Man's history is a mystery - and that may be just he likes it. He works under the name Bolt Crank, but that has been proven to be an alias. There is a hint that he once loved a girl that was kidnapped for her powers - he released her years later. Many of the stories hint that he has a soft spot for lovers.

Quote: "I do not care whether you believe me or not"

Comments: Creation of Akihito Yoshitomi. Some of the first stories have been published in English by Viz comics.

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen.


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