After leaving Valiant Comics, in 1993 former Marvel comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter launched Defiant Comics (the comics imprint of Enlightened Entertainment Partners). Many of the writers and artists who had worked with Shooter at Valiant followed him over to the new company. The venture would be short lived: when Defiant announced their first title would be called Plasm, Marvel Comics stepped in, citing copyright (or trademark?) infringement, as they had a recently launched comic with a similar name, Plasmer. Though the only similarities were the titles, and though Shooter promptly changed his comic's title to Warriors of Plasm, Marvel still took Defiant to court. Though Defiant eventually won the trial, the legal fees crippled them, and unable to recoup them, Defiant folded rather than go bankrupt, shutting shop in the middle of an inter-company crossover called Schism.


Good Guys


Michael Alexander




Rick Teitz

War Dancer

Defiant Comics Checklist

Notably for anyone wishing to collect Defiant titles, is that several issues are only available either spread through various comics' press titles such as Previews as smaller installments, or by collecting sets of trading cards. Which frankly makes it a b*tch to collect, so if anyone does hold the rights to these and decides to reprint some of them, it'd be nice if they could include these in a more conventional format.

There is an excellent site on Defiant Comics here.

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