Bambi Gamban

Real Name: Bambi Gamban

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: member of Diliman

Enemies: Dyan Ascuncion

Known Relatives: Unknown

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Through a medium such as tarot cards, wax droppings in water or the shapes left by taws (alum) burned and placed in a cold pool, Bambi is able to read glimpses of things to come, discern personalities and other details of an individual as well as empathically gain a sense of a person's past.

History: Bambi is a Manghuhula (Fortuneteller), who can employ the power of divination.

Comments: Created by Tobie Abad, who also sent me some information about her.

CLARIFICATIONS: Not to be confused with

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