Athena Voltaire

Real Name: Athena Voltaire

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Charter pilot, courier, former barnstormer, stuntwoman, actress

Affiliations: Howard Hughes, Wings Over The World, Black Eagle, Wint Markson, Matthew Raintree, August St. Leger, Harcourt Templeton

Enemies: Hanna von Helm, Rafael Caldero, Countess Franziska Dorakyura, Shandor the Ghoul, Thule Society (including Rudolph Metz), Wolfgang Zoller

Known Relatives: Unidentified husband (deceased), Tristam Voltaire (father), Countess Anya Sikorsky (mother), Igor Sikorsky (cousin once removed)


Base of Operations: Hollywood

First Appearance: Athena Voltaire (Ape Entertainment)


History: The daughter of French WWI air ace and aircraft designer Tristam Voltaire and a Russian Countess Anya Sikorsky, Athena Voltaire was born with adventure in her blood. Raised in Arizona by her father after her parents separated, she learned to fly and shoot at a young age. Leaving home, she found success as a stunt pilot in post-war Hollywood, working for Howard Hughes and others, and founded her Wings Over The World charter service, finding adventure across the entire globe, and clashing with villains from Nazis to vampires.

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