Anglo Features

History: In 1061, a year afer leaving L.Miller and Son, Mick Anglo set up his own publishing company, Anglo Features. It only published a handful of titles, including Battle, Gunhawks Western (with a Danile Boone strip by Don Lawrence), TV Features (reprinting strips produced by Anglo Studios for L. Miller) and Captain Miracle. The last of these was a superhero markedly similar to Anglo's Marvelman, then still being published by L. Miller; it's believed that Captain Miracle reused old Marvelman strips with the art retouched to change the costume, which would be ironic since Anglo's departure meant L. Miller was likewise reprinting old Marvelman strips rather than producing new ones. None of Anglo Features' titles lasted beyond their ninth issues, and Anglo Features ceased publishing. Anglo and his art studio went on to work for Thorpe & Porter, where, alongside several other comics, he again revisited the Marvelman concept with Miracle Man.

Publications: Battle, Captain Miracle, Gunhawks Western, TV Features


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