8 Man

Real Name: Yokota (first 8-Man); Hazama Itsuru (second 8-Man)

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: Private Detective

Affiliations: (Yokota 8-Man) Sachiko; Chief Inspector Tanaka

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: (Yokota 8-Man) Hachiro Azuma; Detective Tobor, Peter Brady, 8th Man (U.S. dubs names for Azuma)

Base of Operations: Tokyo

First Appearance: (Yokota 8-Man) 8 Man (Weekly Shonen Magazine, 1963); (Itsuru 8-Man) 8-Man After (1993)

Powers/Abilities: Able to run as fast as a train, superhumanly strong and durable. Able to shape-shift to look like any human. If he overexerted himself, and began to run low on energy, he had energy capsules disguised to look like cigarettes, which he would light as if they were cigarettes, and then draw on them to recharge himself.

History: After Detective Yokota was killed in the line of duty, his consciousness was electronically transferred into a robot body designed by Dr.Tani. He took on the new identity as a private detective, Hachiro Azuma, but continued to fight crime as the costumed hero 8-Man.

Years later Yokota disappeared. However 8 Man lived on when another cop killed in the line of duty was resurrected, to battle new, cyborg, criminals. Hazama Itsuru was a more violent cop in life, and thus a more violent 8 Man than his predecessor.

Comments: Created by writer Kazumasa Hirai and artist Jiro Kuwata.

In 1992, Kai Shishido starred as 8Man in the live action movie Eitoman - Subete no sabishii yoru no tame.

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