First Wave

Like many other comic companies since the 1930s, DC had from time to time held the license to publish comics based around various Pulp era characters. However, in 2009, having again purchased the licenses for Doc Savage, the Avenger, Rima the Jungle Girl and the Spirit, they decided to try something different. Both DC and other past license holders had sometimes had their Pulp characters cross over with one another, and when Marvel held the Doc Savage license they had even had him crossover with two of the Fantastic Four and (indirectly) Spider-Man. What DC did went further than that, as they set out to establish a new imprint where the Pulp heroes and some of DC's more grounded characters co-existed. This wasn't the mainstream DC universe, but the First Wave alternate reality, a world of non-powered heroes living in a modern world with a mixture of old and modern technology. The imprint launched early in 2010, but swiftly fizzled out, and was cancelled the next year after only 43 issues.

Appearance checklist (not including reprints): Batman / Doc Savage Special, Doc Savage (2010)#1-18, First Wave#1-6, First Wave Special, The Spirit (2010)#1-17.

Doc Savage


The Avenger


The Spirit


Black Canary

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