The 10th Muse

Real Name: Emma Sonnet

Identity/Class: Demi-goddess

Occupation: Muse of Justice

Affiliations: Judo Girl, the Odyssey

Enemies: Medusa, Tragedy, Jason Quest, Styx, Stone, Lord Mann, Lady Sniper, Polar

Known Relatives: Zeus (father)

Aliases: Lxandra

Base of Operations: San Francisco

First Appearance: The 10th Muse #1 (Image, 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: Emma Sonnet believed herself a normal girl until she discovered she was the daughter of Zeus, and the 10th of the Muses - the Muse of Justice.

Comments: Created by Darren G. Davis. After moving from Image, the 10th Muse was briefly by Alias Enterprises; it is now published by Blue Water Comics.

The 10th Muse is one of the participants in War of the Independents.


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